The Fab Lab network is all about getting people making things, and part of that is sharing what we have done with others so they can make one too. Here are some of the projects people have made. It’s part of the Fab Lab ethos, we share the Fab Lab, and you share your projects.

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Laser Cutting for Short Circuit Exhibition by Antonio Roberts

For the Short Circuit exhibition at Stryx, which is taking place from 3rd September to 29th October (or took place, depending on when you read this), I’m exhibiting newly commissioned work called Proxy Pavilions. These pieces build on the Copy Bombs previously exhibited at Permission Taken at Birmingham Open Media and University of Birmingham and … Continued

It’s a Sign!

Ythi wanted to make a gift for a company she was working for, so she made a sign to replace the paper one they were using.


Amir made t-shirts for his dance club.


Waseel made a clock to remind him of his home country.