Fab Lab 4 Schools

Workshops and more to inspire children and teachers

The Fab Lab is a place where you can make almost anything. It has lots of machines that have been chosen for their ease of use and robustness. Not only does it have 3D printers, it has laser cutters, wood cutting machines, vinyl cutters, and much more. So we can make anything from t-shirts to robots. Fab Lab is an exciting blend of art, design and engineering.

We would like schools to come along and see what we have on offer. We can arrange workshops or something bespoke for you and your pupils. So whether you want to create a key ring for design technology, or recreate an Egyptian pot for history, or just show students the latest in 3D printing, we can organise a session for you.

We do quick taster sessions, for example, if you want to show your students what a 3D printer is. We can also arrange full day sessions on how to make a robot!

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