Fab Lab 4 Creatives

Just the place to make that next mad project

From fashionistas to photography aficionados, artists and designers, we are here to help anyone who just enjoys making things. Come and see the state-of-the-art facilities we have – and then get making!

The Fab Lab concept provides the skills, advanced materials and technology to make things cheaply and quickly anywhere in the world, and makes this available on a local basis to entrepreneurs, artists, small businesses and, in fact, anyone who wants to create something new or bespoke.

At the heart of Fab Lab is digital manufacturing technology, combining 2D and 3D design with the latest fabrication technology, and producing single unique products from a digital design in a matter of minutes.

As someone who has worked as both an artist and an engineer, Fab Lab manager Anne Scrimshaw can’t wait to see what you will make!

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