Fab Lab 4 Business

Make prototypes quickly and cheaply

Prototyping – 3D printing

Sometimes you need to make a new part and you want to see what it looks like, or how it fits together with what you already have. Making it in metal can be expensive and you may end up with something that doesn’t quite perform as you would like. Making an item with the 3D printer can be pence, or a few pounds to make, so you can afford to make as many versions as you need to get it right.

Product development

We have many machines to make items quickly, easily and cheaply. We also have electronic components so if you want to test proof of concept we can help you make a prototype. We also run introductions and short training sessions on the benefits of new digital manufacturing. Many of today’s engineers are brilliant time served engineers, but they might not be fully aware of how quickly modern digital manufacturing is developing. We run short sessions, which are only 1 or 2 hours long, as an introduction to digital manufacturing – as well as longer training courses so your staff know how to use the machines, and how this can impact on your business.

Team building

Fed up of getting muddy and wet in the typical team building days? We run team building courses in the dry and warm which are still interesting, challenging and fun! You could even build a robot.

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