Fab Lab 4 You

Whatever you want to make – make it Fab


You can come and make or fix things in the Fab Lab. You can work on projects. You can make an Arduino. You can make a t-shirt. You can make a box or magazine holder. You can make a photo coaster. You can make a 3D printed object. The possibilities are endless!

We help budding creators and inventors achieve their design ambitions through the Fab Lab. 3D printers, laser cutters, large computer-controlled woodworking machines, and much, much more, help you make anything from custom-made t-shirts, or furniture, to robots. The only limit is your imagination!

From jewellery to signage and circuit boards, Fab Lab users can produce single unique products from a digital design in a matter of minutes by combining 2D and 3D design with the latest manufacturing technology. Or come along to one of our Experience Days and create your own ‘mini me’ clone with Urban Hax cutting-edge scanning and image printing kit.

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